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ABN Lookup

ABN Lookup

  ABN Lookup

ABN Lookup allows you to search the Australian Business Register to access publicly available information on any business that has registered for an Australian Business Number.

Search results can be filtered by State, Postcode, and Name Type (Entity Name and/or Trading Name).

Publically available information on each business includes:

- ABN, and Status (Active or Inactive)
- Entity Name
- Business Names
- Trading Names
- Entity Type (Private Company, Sole Trader, etc)
- ACN if also an Australian company
- Whether the business is registered for GST
- Whether the business is an endorsed Deductible Gift Recipient
- Deductible Gift Recipient funds operated
- Whether the business is a Charity
- Any Tax Concessions
- Main Physical Address (State and Postcode)

Historical records on the above information is also viewable.

This application does not represent the Australian Business Register or Commonwealth, and is not affiliated in any way.

Available on the App Store Category: Business
Version: 2.0
Price: FREE